The hyperSense: The Embodied Computation Lab is located at the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University. The Lab was recently founded and directed by Dina El-Zanfaly, Ph.D. we focus on new roles of computational design and physicality in embodied sense-making, including human perception, cognition, and experience. We study the agency of computational creative modes of production and the emerging social, cultural, and technological behaviors resulting from introducing them.

We mainly investigate computational methods to augment our sensory experiences. We investigate designing interactions with intelligent systems from a critical human-centered lens. These interactions include hybrid environments, artifacts, computational methods, and co-creation and designing tools. We investigate the questions of: how can intelligent machines and systems learn from us and how can we learn from them? How can we work together to create and improvise? 

Current Research streams

Current Research Streams

Time [in]Material: A Portal for Spatial Memories
An investigation about presence, temporality, and memory.

Experiments in telepresence and remote experiences co-creation

Interactions with intelligent systems